Theft is good

…but it depends who’s doing the stealing and who from

Ken Livingstone and the politics of communalism

This is nothing new, neither a surprise to those who expect such tricks from the Labour Party, or any of the three main parties in the UK. All three, Labour, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats have a history of appealing to communities on their own, promising specific policies for specific communities, such as promising to tackle Islamophobia or oppose wars in Middle Eastern countries if you are appealing to a Muslim, while talking up putting more police on the streets if you appeal to a white voter.

The argument that certain things are only appealing to certain groups is deeply rooted in reformism, it throws up barriers between groups of people and creates a false divide, issues surrounding the War on Terror do not just appeal to Muslims, and it is racist and offensive to suggest that people with darker skin are only interested in you if you’re an upstanding tee-total family man.

In reality, capitalist society atomises and destroys communities, by the logic of class oppression. Communities barely exist, if they are not being constantly uprooted by the constant expansion of capital and the need to make profit (for example: the privatisation of council estates, knocking them down and rebuilding luxury flats.)

On the other hand councils deliberately divide different ‘communities’ from each other, under the pretense that they couldn’t get on culturally or ethnically, further propping up the racist myth. Simply look at the London borough of Southwark to see how white people were housed in Bermondsey, and black people in Peckham. This gave rise to the ability of the fascist National Front to make inroads into the predominantly white working class area of Bermondsey, it also allows people like David Cameron to stoke racism by describing areas like Peckham as no-go areas.

Racism in society means that ethnic minorities are employed in demeaning low paid, low skilled jobs, while higher paid jobs are given to white workers, aside from the fact that this blows away the racist lie that immigrants are given jobs over white workers, it means ethnic minorities are subject to harsher poverty and unable to afford house prices in different areas.

Communalism is often a word used to describe the conflicts between Muslims and Hindus in India, however, the active stoking of differences between supposed groups of people, in contrast to appealing to working class people based on policies for all the working class has become the manifestation of communalism in Western ‘democracies’.

In elections, socialists should concentrate on issues such as the privatisation of travel, education and healthcare, the rising cost of food and the pay freeze of public sector workers, the demonisation of Muslims and the barbarity of the Iraq war, rather than fuel the existing divides within the working class. This is what the Left List is standing for, and if you live in London on May 1st, vote for the Left List as your first preference and Ken Livingstone 2nd to keep the racist buffoon Boris Johnson out.


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