Theft is good

…but it depends who’s doing the stealing and who from

Metaphorical analysis of New Labour

Crewe and Nantwich results

Edward Timpson
Conservative: 20,539
Tasmin Dunwoody
Labour: 12,679
Elizabeth Shenton
Lib Dems: 6,040

New Labour is in meltdown. That’s a 17.6% swing, Labour did have a 7,000 majority, it wasn’t even on the list of 150 marginal Labour seats! The Tories are the main beneficiaries, but have benefited only be posing themselves to the left of Labour on issues like the 10p tax rate and sweeping up the populist right wing vote as well.

Labour is likely to take a marked swing to the right after the Crewe election, which means that immigrants will come under sustained attack, hospitals and schools will be privatised, and pay cuts more extreme, while bosses rake in more profit.

All of which will benefit the BNP, as New Labour continues to alienate it’s own working class supporters and stoke up racism which the far right will benefit from. Love Music, Hate Racism and Unite Against Fascism have called a national demo on 21st June in central London and it looks like we’ve got our work cut out to clear up the mess.


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Love music hate racism festival

On Sunday, make sure you go to the Love music hate racism festival over in Victoria Park, it’s free, and you can stick two fingers up to the fascists who are trying to get on to the GLA, then use your vote to stop the BNP on May 1st.

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