Theft is good

…but it depends who’s doing the stealing and who from

Ken Livingstone lurches from disaster to disaster

Livingstone is damaged first by being in Labour. The recent 10p tax scandal in Gordon Brown’s budget, the Iraq war and the increase of detention without trial to 42 days has meant that Brown is suffering rebellions from his backbenchers, 10 years of neo-liberalism has meant that Labour has hollowed out it’s working class base by attacking those workers, Gordon Brown has remained committed to the legacy started by Tony Blair, if there is a setback at the polls on May 1st, Brown’s time could be up already as backbenchers stick the knife in fearing for their jobs.

You have may noticed that Livingstone campaigners try not mention that word, Labour, too. The Labour insignia on the red rosettes are covered by a little purple sticker with no mention of Labour. His leaflets and campaign bares little mention of Labour or none at all. But then again, Livingstone has proved his idiocy by aligning himself with Tony Blair and Alisdair Campbell and then promising he would make Boris a part of his administration if he wins. Vote Ken to stop Boris doesn’t really make any sense any more.

If he doesn’t get re-elected, it’s his own fault, not the fault of the left who are offering a left-wing alternative. He’s presided over 8 years of neo-liberal reforms and marketisation, in education, housing and transport, in line with the New Labour government, and seen his support drop from being the most popular man in London, to one of the least.

Should we give up our candidate, Lindsey German, for the Left List, now that Boris Johnson has a good chance of winning? Not a chance. We risk more from absentation by refusing to offer a clear left wing alternative to the parties of privatisation and war. We’ll get more votes for Livingstone on the basis of 2nd preferences, just to stop the racist Tory, Johnson.

Vote Left List on May 1st.


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  1. You’ll notice that on sunday livingstone is speaking at a rally in altab ali park organised by a group called ‘londoners 4 peace’.

    except that this group doesn’t actually exist, and this event is in fact a livingstone election rally, where the only speakers are livingstone and his supporters (including george galloway).

    you may wonder why livingstone feels he can only get people to his election rally by pretending it’s an anti-war event.

    if it was a genuine anti-war event, you would expect it to have been organised under the banner of stop the war, or at least to have stop the war speakers such as lindsay german.

    whether or not this forms a prelude to galloway and livingstone launching a full-scale assault on stop the war remains to be seen, but the noises coming from their camps are not pleasant.

    Comment by Keith Watermelon | April 25, 2008

  2. Well it’s true KL is being opportunistic and reformists always attempt to co-opt the radicalism of grassroots campaigns, so no surprise, however I don’t think this will last past this election.

    Comment by Johnny Rook | April 25, 2008

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